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Medical Malpractice at iDental

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Medical Malpractice at iDental


IDental is the most serious case in Spain in terms of damages for dental services. Dramatic cases of people who have been deprived of all their teeth or a large part of their dental pieces have emerged. In many cases with metallic implants without a crown or with broken crowns. Countless victims with constant pain due to suspended treatments. Patients who have suffered collateral damage induced by defective dental services. Many of them were recommended to be tested for HIV and hepatitis due to the lack of hygiene and prevention measures in the IDental clinics. Injured people who have suffered damage to their body as a result of their teeth in poor condition.

Among our clients are affected of all kinds, from people who have not completed the promised treatment, patients who have suffered serious injuries caused by medical negligence, and even affected by the contagion of diseases such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C among others.

It seems clear that the measures to prevent hygienic risks and the spread of diseases were deficient, as was the training of part of the Template. The rectors of iDental must have thought they were capable of providing dental services at ridiculous prices by hiring recently graduated doctors, without experience, with minimal salaries, assisted by personnel without professional qualifications or qualifications. For example, those who attended clients on the first visit were not dentists or health personnel, but sales representatives.

More information “Help for the Disadvantaged from iDental

To reduce costs, techniques that were not recommended were applied in the opinion of the dentists and experts who have collaborated with us and with the affected by iDental who are joining our collective claim.

Clients were usually persuaded to have all the pieces of their teeth removed (upper and lower). In this way, instead of preserving the healthy pieces and making the necessary implants to replace the damaged pieces, it was intended to place a single implant in the upper jaw and another in the lower jaw, which reproduced all the dental pieces with only 4 points of fixation, 2 in the upper prosthesis and another 2 in the lower one. They called this technique “fast&perfect”.

Another means of minimizing the company’s costs was the use of low-quality materials, whose duration and behavior have been shown in many cases to be inappropriate.

Frequent medical negligence

The provision of services at IDental clinics has been calamitous for countless patients, including my representatives. Undoubtedly, the fact that the medical staff was inexperienced, recently graduated, without any professional experience, lacking practical training, has influenced this. And even more so that he was absolutely demotivated by his very poor salary and the accumulation of work due to the disproportionate influx of patients who had to be attended in insufficient time.

Those who have suffered these practices recount the very long uninterrupted sessions they had to undergo in the clinic, lasting many hours.

There has been a general suffering of pain above the appropriate thresholds for the work carried out. Many of those affected suffer from infections, pain, and other types of discomfort that affect their day to day.

More information: “Problems and solutions for affected iDental

One of the most repeated medical negligence among those harmed by iDental is deficient or incorrect placement of dental implants. In these cases, patients will have to face new surgeries to remove the misplaced implants and replace them with new ones.

Use of low-quality material whose guarantee of good results is minimal

The materials and prostheses used were of the lowest quality. Sophisticated means and the application of advanced techniques were announced, but the reality was very different.

No informed consent

No patient was required to sign informed consent about the risks of the treatments that you would receive. Of course they were not warned of the greater risks they would run in the treatments derived from the lack of experience or qualification of the physicians.

They were also not informed about the insufficient quality of the materials that were going to be applied to them and the risks associated with this circumstance.

General failure to meet deadlines

The deadlines for the execution of the promised works were not met in many cases. The flood of customers was beyond the volume capacities that iDental employees could handle. The truth is that in most cases the times committed to the patients were not met.

This delay meant that the number of clients with ongoing treatments was increasing more than it should. And that at the time the iDental clinics closed, many of them would still be left without their fixed teeth.


Medical negligence entails additional compensation to which the injured parties of iDental are entitled. All of them deserve compensation equivalent to the amount they must face to pay for new surgeries to repair negligence or replace misplaced implants.

Current law also allows claiming additional compensation for each of the interventions that the injured party will undergo to repair poorly performed dental work.

More information: “Basic information for victims of iDental

Suffering suffered as a result of medical negligence also deserves additional compensation to those previously stated. The compensation must be valued based on the damage actually suffered.

The negligence can be of different entities, which is why the assessment must attend to the specific case. The breakage of a dental piece does not deserve the same compensation as the incorrect placement of an implant, or the contagion of a serious illness. But all of them deserve a separate section in the legal claim.

For the success of the claim for medical negligence, it will be essential to have an expert report prepared by an expert expert in valuation of bodily damage. p>

This office facilitates access to said report at no cost to the client. (More information: “Expert report for iDental sufferers)

This type of report requires a personalized study of the patient. A mere assessment by a dentist indicating the treatment not carried out will not suffice. A detailed explanation of the medical negligence and subsequent assessment of the expert is required by applying the current regulations for bodily harm.

In our collective claims, this study is carried out by trusted expert collaborators who are trained to obtain the maximum possible compensation.




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