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Misappropriation in the context of housing or business premises rentals has become a recurrent question. This crime is committed when the tenant

The criminal liability of administrators and directors of commercial companies in the context of corporate crimes constitutes a crucial area in Economic

In Spanish criminal law, the granting of provisional freedom is a topic of great legal interest, especially in cases where the initial

Measures Against the Illegal Occupation of Housing in Spain   Introduction to the Legal Context of Illegal Housing Occupation Illegal housing occupation

Congruencia de las sentences límites del iura novit curia No es cuestión baladí the one that occupies us in this case. For

The importance of words

The importance of words What matters is that, as a Lawyer, we skill and write with clarity. For everyone’s sake, but especially

The Emotional Intelligence of the Lawyer If you don’t know yourself, it’s impossible to do good things. Making a mistake is human,

The importance of Body Language in Court Communication is not only oral, it is also written, stage and gestural Sign language is

Professional collaboration agreement with T-Forma . . Our firm has signed last February a professional collaboration agreement with the company T-Forma. This

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