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Basic information for victims of iDental

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Basic information for victims of iDental


Explanation for the closure of iDental clinics

iDental began to neglect the payments of the staff, until the employees themselves decided to suspend their activity to demand that the company be brought up to date with payments wages and other labor concepts. iDental did not attend to the legitimate claims of its employees, leaving all the clinics empty of staff.

The impossibility of offering service to clients, due to a lack of medical personnel, has resulted in the sudden closure of all the clinics that were open throughout the national territory.

Alleged subsidies received by clients

iDental used as advertising to attract new clients, the claim to obtain subsidies to lower the costs of treatments. According to many of those affected, iDental assured that these subsidies were public, granted by Social Security.

Although iDental offered reduced prices, it is absolutely false that Social Security or any other public body have financed the treatments offered by this chain of clinics.< /p>

If the affirmation of all those affected is true, iDental would be using an illegal strategy to obtain the trust of new clients, under the pretext of having the support of public health.

Behavior of this nature could constitute, at least, a crime of fraud. Well, those who made decisions at iDental, used a deception to generate greater trust among the public and obtain a greater number of clients .

From our office we will present the corresponding criminal complaint against those responsible, and in defense of all those harmed who want to join this collective initiative.< /p>

To receive personalized information or join the collective claim, call us at 914 025 196 or 653 522 722
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iDental insolvency

iDental is in contest required. This means that he has more debts than assets to be able to reimburse those affected for the amounts he has received.

This circumstance makes it really difficult to collect the claims made against iDental, which does not mean that the injured parties must waive their right to recover the money they paid in their day, or who continue to pay month after month in the bank receipts that are charged to their account.

The most convenient solution in this case is to complain to the banks that have financed the treatments, and who are the ones who receive the monthly payment of the fees.

iDental Injured Class Action Claim

iDental had reached an agreement with various financial entities (Cetelem, Evo Finance, Uno-e, Sabadell, etc.) to finance their clients’ dental treatments. That is why the vast majority of iDental clients paid monthly and by bank receipts that were charged by any of the financial entities that we mentioned above.

This circumstance makes financial entities responsible before disadvantaged from iDental to offer them an alternative treatment in another clinic, or to return the amounts that clients have paid.

From our office we are going to present collective claims against financial companies to achieve this double objective:

  • Okay, let them offer those affected a solution, providing free dental treatment at another clinic.
  • Okay, return to those affected the amounts they have paid for the dental treatment they have not received.

If financial institutions do not respond positively to our claim, we will go to court to defend the interests of all those affected by iDental.

To receive personalized information or join the collective claim, call us at 914 025 196 or 653 522 722
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Continuation of dental treatment

As we explained in the previous section, financial institutions can redirect those affected by the closure of iDental to other clinics in order to continue treatment.

We know that some affected prefer this solution, rather than receive a refund of the amounts paid. However, they must take into account the following:

  • Most financial entities have reached an agreement with clinics that, like iDental, offer little credibility and solvency. The bad practices used by these low-cost clinics are well known.
  • The client can always choose not to accept that offer and request a refund of the amounts she paid for the iDental treatment. Therefore, the client has no obligation to accept any clinic offered by the bank.
  • We recommend that the client recover the amounts invested in iDental and go to a trusted dentist who offers greater guarantees of offering a professional and reliable treatment.

In any case, we will personally inform all those affected who join our collective claim for the closure of iDental clinics, so that they can make the decision they prefer.


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