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Class action lawsuit for affected iDental

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Class action lawsuit for affected iDental

Demanda colectiva para afectados iDental
Class action lawsuit for affected iDental

From our office we are preparing a class action lawsuit for all those affected and harmed by the closure of the iDental clinics.

The thousands of people affected who have seen how they were left without receiving treatment after having made payments, find themselves in a situation of absolute uncertainty caused by the sudden closure of clinics and the cessation of iDental activity.

Assistance to those affected by the closure of iDental

With the aim of assisting all those affected, we have set up a telephone line 653 522 722 (you can send us a Whatsapp) or 914 025 196 to support those who want to join the collective claim that we have launched. On these phones we offer free information to those who need this help.

All those who want to claim the refund of the amounts they paid in their day can join our class action. We will accumulate a high number of affected people in each claim.

Legal claims will be directed against the financial entities that have financed the treatments. These banks are jointly responsible, and therefore fully share with iDental the consequences of non-compliance.

This solution makes more sense than claiming iDental, to the extent that we know that they will not have sufficient assets to deal with all the claims of those affected. As reported to the media, iDental has been declared a necessary bankruptcy, which points to an obvious lack of assets.

Claim against the entities that finance the treatment

The claim against financial institutions is endorsed by the Law 16/2011, of June 24, on consumer credit agreements. According to article 29.3 of this rule, the consumer may exercise the same claim rights against the lending company that has financed the service, as long as the following requirements are met:

  • That the treatment has not been carried out in its entirety. This is the case of all those iDental clients who did not finish the contracted treatment.
  • That there is a previous claim, whether judicial or extrajudicial, against iDental and no response has been obtained. We know that iDental has ceased its activity and is not offering any solution in this regard. From our office, and on behalf of all those affected who sign up for the class action, we will make that claim with all the requirements required by law.
To receive personalized information or join the collective claim, call us at 914 025 196 or 653 522 722
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Medical assistance

In addition to making the prior claim to iDental, to later claim the corresponding amounts from the financial institution, we will make available to all those affected a medical expert who inspects iDental clients with the following objectives:

  • Assess the part of the treatment that has not been carried out. That way we will know how much money we can claim.
  • Assess possible negligent actions by iDental dentists. We have received complaints from customers who claim to have received poor service. Many claim that they removed teeth that were completely healthy. And others indicate that they have lost the implants shortly after their placement. Obvious signs of the low qualification of some of the iDental workers and the low quality of the materials used.

Criminal complaint

The actions of the iDental administrators could be classified as a crime, if the information that is spreading as a result of statements by those affected is true.

iDental may have been misleading its customers by claiming it was able to get public funding. In this way, according to several affected, the consumer perceived iDental as a serious and solvent company, endorsed by public administrations. The Criminal Code contemplates this type of action under the criminal figure of fraud.

We are studying this behavior and others that could be classified as crimes to offer those affected to join the criminal complaint against the iDental administrators.


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