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Help for the Disadvantaged from iDental

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Help for the Disadvantaged from iDental


The provision of services by iDental clinics has been calamitous for many patients. There is talk of more than 400,000 people affected throughout the national territory.

Since its inception, this conglomerate of dental clinics undertook the massive recruitment of clients with a peculiar business policy. Through new, large facilities, supposedly equipped with innovative equipment and sophisticated technical means, plus intense advertising, they managed to attract a large number of patients.

The strategy developed by the iDental companies was based on offering their services at a low cost paid by the client. The price promised to clients implied large discounts compared to the usual market value of those same services by any dentist.

To ensure the massive recruitment of patients, care was taken to dispel suspicions that this lower price was the result of poor quality. For this, the real cost of the work was budgeted at prices that corresponded to the usual ones in the sector. However, all of them were told that they would only have to pay a small part of the budgeted price, and they were deceived by telling them that the difference was subsidized by the Administration. This subsidy, which iDental claimed to obtain directly from the corresponding autonomous community, the European Union, or any other administration, was logically fictitious. It served to gain the trust of countless victims who expected to receive very expensive treatments at affordable prices.

As a complementary measure, all clients were offered the possibility of financing the theoretically non-subsidized price of the services by signing a loan contract so that the client had to pay the amount of work in monthly installments. The loan contracts were managed in the same iDental centers; His staff put these contracts to be signed by patients with minimal information about their livelihoods and solvency; without the intervention of personnel from the financial institution. When the patient had apparent solvency difficulties, or their personal data was included in lists of defaulters, the loan contract was signed, at the suggestion of iDental staff, by a third person (spouse, son, friend, etc.).< /p>

The materials and prostheses used were of the lowest quality. The medical staff was mostly inexperienced, often recently graduated or without previous professional experience, lacking practical training, and also completely demotivated due to breaches in working conditions. The application times of oral treatments were prolonged beyond reason, as a result of the lack of qualified labor and the flood of committed orders. And finally, the chain’s clinics gradually closed due to economic infeasibility.

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This sequence of events has meant that the injured parties have not received the dental services contracted at iDental. And even less within the committed times. Treatments were not completed before the facilities closed. A large part of the patients who attended these clinics were left with teeth pending to be healed, treated or implanted. Many of them have suffered from the deterioration of treated or implanted pieces as a result of medical negligence, or have suffered chewing deficiencies. There has been general suffering from pain above the appropriate thresholds for the work performed.

When the work centers closed, the medical records of all patients remained in the possession of iDental. The interested parties were not provided with a copy of the same during the period of provision of the oral services.

The result has been unfortunate. The affected have been left with their incomplete teeth, badly fixed, with difficulty to attend another dentist. And in the vast majority of cases without financial resources to go to another professional to resolve the mess suffered.

Approaching a collective solution

The solution for all those affected by iDental clinics is to join the collective claim that we are offering to all of them. In our claim we will include all the compensatory concepts that they are entitled to receive:

  • Cost of completing dental work by dentists of accredited solvency.
  • The amounts to amend the work poorly executed in the aforementioned IDental clinics.
  • Other compensation for damages suffered, including moral damages.
  • Legal interest on the indicated amounts.

In most cases, the injured parties have the right to receive amounts much higher than those paid to banks to finance treatment at iDental.

Financial institutions are exerting serious pressure on the affected parties, to accept their referral to “low cost” clinics that enjoy little credibility. However, the person harmed by iDental has the right to receive dental treatment from the clinic of their trust at zero cost, and is not obliged to go to low-cost chains imposed by the bank.

It is not recommended to accept these proposals from banking entities, which do not respect the rights of those affected, which do not quantify the real damage suffered, and which encourage those affected to continue the treatment again in clinics with unqualified professionals.

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Importance of the expert report

For the viability of the claims it is essential to have an expert report. Although it is normally a high cost, our firm offers it free of charge for all the injured parties who join our collective claim.

We advise avoiding mere dental check-ups that only indicate treatments not performed by iDental. An expert report that guarantees being able to collect the maximum possible requires a detailed study and the application of the regulations applicable to personal injury. This work cannot be carried out by any dentist, and it is recommended that it be carried out by an expert specialized in the assessment of bodily damage.

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To receive personalized information or join the collective claim, call us at 914 025 196 or 653 522 722
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