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Expert report for those affected by iDental

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Expert report for those affected by iDental


Muchos afectados de iDental tienen gran preocupación por obtener un informe pericial. Vamos a explicar en este artículo la solución para este problema sin que resulte costoso para el perjudicado.

Conseguir un informe pericial se ha convertido en una de las principales intranquilidades para todos los afectados de iDental y son varias las razones:

Many affected by iDental are very concerned about getting an expert report. We are going to explain in this article the solution for this problem without it being expensive for the injured party.

Getting an expert report has become one of the main concerns for all those affected by iDental and there are several reasons:

  • On the one hand, it is the essential proof to be able to make any claim; and thus be able to recover the amounts invested in iDental for dental treatments that are often incomplete or poorly executed.
  • On the other hand, it is a test that the financial institutions that participated in the financing of iDental treatments (Cetelem, Evo, Sabadell, Santander, Uno-E, Pepper or BBVA among others) are requiring before offering possible solutions .

However, the expert report is a complex study, which, if properly carried out by a qualified professional, is expensive.

For this reason we have decided to provide an expert report free of charge for all those affected by iDental who contact us and decide to defend their rights compensation.

All those iDental clients who have been left with an unfinished treatment have an urgent need to fix their teeth. Some affected have implants without a crown, and in other cases the affected person has a temporary denture.

Other times several teeth were extracted and the implants were never placed; and in the worst cases, the implant has failed due to being poorly placed, so that the implant is not useful to fulfill its function. When the implant has been placed incorrectly, it is common for the patient to suffer from infections or pain.

After having recognized hundreds of people affected by iDental in our office, we understand the main problems that affect them, and that even harm their day to day in the most basic nutritional needs. That is why all these patients need an urgent solution.

You can read our article with “Basic information for victims of iDental”

Before going to another clinic to fix the dental problem, it is a good idea to have an expert check the current state of the teeth. It is the only possible way to prove in the future the state in which iDental left our mouths. Without this proof, it will be difficult to prove that we were harmed by iDental and that therefore we are beneficiaries of compensation.

To receive personalized information or join the collective claim, call us at 914 025 196 or 653 522 722
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The expert report will also be the fundamental tool to assess the compensation to which we are entitled. There are several concepts that can be included in the expert report. We summarize some of them below:

Cost of treatment not carried out

All those who have paid for treatment at iDental and it has not resulted in a satisfactory dental service, have the right to a refund of the amounts paid

The expert will assess each patient individually and certify which treatments committed by iDental have been carried out and which treatments have not been carried out.

These amounts may be claimed with interest, since the law allows us to increase the claim with the legal interest of the money.

Cost of treatment pending completion

The expert will assess in his report the cost of the dental services that the client must receive to obtain a result identical to that promised in iDental. So that those affected can claim the cost of the treatments pending execution, it is important that their assessment is included in the expert report.

In many cases the compensation for this concept will be higher than the price they had to pay to access iDental services. As is known, iDental promised low prices thanks to the low-cost material used and the low qualification of its professionals. However, they promised an optimal result and justified the reduced cost through false subsidies that they never received.

That is why the victim of iDental has the right to have the promised treatments finished, and can also pass on the cost when the correct assessment is made in the expert report.

Compensation for medical negligence

As we previously mentioned, many of iDental’s patients have suffered from incorrect execution of the clinical service, in many cases causing significant damage to patients. These negligences, to a large extent, are a consequence of the deficient experience and qualification of the physicians who work in the clinics.

The expert report will analyze the correctness of the work carried out by iDental professionals. When the expert perceives a defective dental service< /strong>, will assess the economic cost of repairing the damage so that it is equivalent to the price that the injured party will have to face in any professional and solvent clinic.

Non-material damage

The law allows us to increase the amount of compensation when the damage caused to iDental patients justifies the existence of moral damage.

The courts are prudent when it comes to awarding compensation for non-pecuniary damage, but allow its claim when the injured party has suffered excessive suffering. Undoubtedly, all those who have not been able to eat regularly as a result of interrupted treatments will be entitled to this type of compensation.

The expert will be the professional in charge of assessing the situation of each affected person and will include in his expert report the existence of non-material damage when the specific situation so warrants.

Other concepts

The law allows us to include other damages that will result in higher damages. Issues such as aesthetic damage, for example, will be taken into account in the expert report to the extent that the expert considers their relevance.

Lastly, we should note that we do not recommend giving financial institutions a copy of the expert report. In most cases, compensation can be claimed that is much higher than the cost of financing that the bank can forgive. It is not recommended to accept this type of proposal or referral to other clinics without first consulting a specialized law firm.



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