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The number of bankrupt debtors shot up 85%

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The number of bankrupt debtors shot up 85% annually in the second quarter, to 2,620

Tengo que cerrar mi empresa por culpa del Covid-19

By type of contest, a total of 1,415 volunteered (4.5% more than in the second quarter of 2020), while there were 1,188 consecutively (new categorization in 2021 ), and 17 necessary (72.6% less than in the second quarter of 2020).

For the first time since this year the express procedures (simultaneous opening and closing thereof due to insufficient active mass), which have been 795. Continuing with the type of procedure, the abbreviated procedures increase 33.1%, while ordinary ones decreased by 24%.

Of the 2,620 debtors declared bankrupt in the second quarter, 1,115 were legal entity companies, 487 were natural persons with business activity, and 1,018 were natural persons without business activity, which represents the 42.5%, 18.6% and 38.9%, respectively, of the total number of debtors.

The number of insolvent legal entities increased by 56.6% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year. According to the legal form, 92% of the insolvent companies are Limited Liability Companies.

On the other hand, 36.1% of the companies declared bankrupt are in the lowest segment of business volume (up to 250,000 euros) and are mainly Liability Companies Limited.

Almost 20% of the companies insolvent are dedicated to trade

According to the statistics, 19.3% of the companies declared bankrupt have Commerce as their main economic activity, 16% Construction, and 15.9% Hospitality.

Regarding the number of employees, 45.9% of all companies declared bankrupt have less than six. And, among these, 36.1% have no employees.

In addition, 24.8% of the total companies declared bankrupt in the second quarter were 20 or more years old, while 15.6% were four or less years old old.

In this sense, 23% of the companies insolvent with four or less years old belong to the Hospitality sector. For their part, 37.9% of bankrupt companies with 20 or more years of seniority are dedicated to Commerce and Industry and energy.

Catalonia and Madrid, the communities with the most insolvent debtors

The autonomous communities with the highest number of debtors declared bankrupt in the second quarter of 2021 are Catalonia (835), the Community of Madrid (454) and the Valencian Community (332), concentrating among the three 61.9% of the total debtors insolvent.

Navarra and the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla presented the only annual decreases in the second quarter (-13.3 and -100.0%); and Asturias, Andalucía and La Rioja the greatest increases (247.1%, 156.6%, and 150% respectively).

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