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What are the new types of families included in the family law and how it benefits them

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What are the new types of families included in the family law and how it benefits them

Cuáles son los nuevos tipos de familias incluidas en la ley de familias y en qué las beneficia
Cuáles son los nuevos tipos de familias incluidas en la ley de familias y en qué las beneficia

Article written by Elena Regúlez Morales, expert lawyer in Criminal and Family Law and published on Telecinco Online

The family law is delayed again in a climate of high tension due to the clash between the two government partners. This delay seems to come mainly from the resistance of the Ministry of Finance to include in the legal text any of the agreed measures, which would have to suppose a budget item that is described as extraordinary and extravagant.

The law would contemplate up to 16 different types of family, among them are: biparental (marriage or domestic partnership and descendants), single parent or single parent (one parent —man or woman— and one or more descendants), young (parents under 29 years of age), LGTBI (at least one person belonging to one of the LGTBI groups or two people of the same sex), numerous, multiple ( with adoptions or foster care), immigrant (all or part of the members come from another country) and reconstituted (with children from previous couples).

In addition, the types of transnational family (some of the members live in another country), intercultural (members with different cultural backgrounds) and returnee (one or several members have the Spanish nationality after returning to Spain after a residence abroad of at least 1 year).

One of the benefits of the law for families is 8-week leave for working parents to allow them to care for their minor children—until they turn 8 years-. Another aspect to take into account is the permission of 7 days a year so that each worker can take care of relatives or cohabitants.

There is also permission to care for a foster son, daughter or minor for a period of more than 1 year. There is also the 2-day permit for death, accident, serious illness, hospitalization or surgery without hospitalization that requires home rest, of relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Similarly, it contemplates the extension of the “nurturing income” of 100 euros per month for children between 0 and 3 years of age. Families with a single mother or a single father with 2 children will be considered a large family.

One of the issues, in my opinion, is that the natural family has been denatured and emptied of content, to the extent that “the family” will be replaced by “types of family”. Regardless of ideologies, it is essential that the law achieves the objective of favoring the most unprotected people and in vulnerable situations.

You can read the article on the Telecinco website here.


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