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Consultants to sell my company

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Advisors to sell my company

Asesores para vender mi empresa

Asesores para vender mi empresa
Consultants to sell my company

At JLCASAJUANA we are advisors to sell your company . What does this mean? That we advise and guide you throughout the sales process, from the moment the decision to sell the business arises until the final payment of the price is finalized, including, among other actions, the following: prior valuation of the company, market survey, search for buyer, advice to obtain the best price, previous commercial operations, previous asset management, drafting of purchase and sale contracts, negotiation of the price and conditions, tax advice, risk coverage in the deferred collection of the price, etc.

Now, a business sale process requires the involvement of its owners. We must be wary of the advisor who claims to be in charge of the process alone, following a simple procedure without any distraction for the managing partners. A good team of advisors requires a deep knowledge of the business, its main strengths and also its shortcomings; and for this, the involvement of the management team is essential.

The negotiation process will also require the seller to be personally available to the interest of any buyer, since all interested parties will want to know first-hand the management team that has been in charge of the management. No one knows your business better than someone who has seen it born or who has managed it for years. And therefore no one will sell it better than himself, especially if he has correct advice at his side.

That dedication that will undoubtedly be required from the seller must be combined with the direction of the company and the day-to-day management that can never be neglected.

How much is my business worth?

Every company has a market price but there is no single valuation criteria or objective way to quantify a business. Your company is not worth more or less than what others are willing to pay for it, subject to supply and demand like any other market. However, there are ways to encourage greater interest in potential buyers, and we can help you with that. In essence, it is about dressing the company as decently as possible so that others appreciate its potential and arouse in them an interest that culminates in a purchase offer.

Our specialization focuses on companies whose EBITDA amounts to up to €5,000,000, especially family businesses; or startups in any of their phases. EBITDA is less relevant in startups that despite being established in the market or having advanced in the development of their project, still do not find reflected in their income statement the fruit of their initiative or activity.

What is EBITDA?

EBITDA is considered in the financial world as the most reliable indicator of the real profit generated by the company. The General Accounting Plan does not require EBITDA to appear in the company accounts, therefore we will not locate it in our balance sheet or in our income statement. To calculate it, we start from the operating result figure reflected in the profit and loss account, which is not affected by tax charges. To this figure we will add the amounts destined to allocate provisions and the accounting amount of amortizations.

EBITDA provides us with a true image of the company’s profitability and its productive capacity, since we do not compute taxes, debt interest or amortizations. Hence its name that responds to the acronym in English “Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization” – Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

If you want to know our opinion on the valuation of your company, we will be happy to assist you, discuss the sale options, and analyze the best exit routes.


Who might be interested in buying my company?

When it comes to finding the highest bidder, we turn to a number of different agents. From competitors to industrialists with complementary activities, but also strategic partners and financial investors.

Depending on the buyer’s investment plan, the seller may be required to remain in the project for a certain time. It is also common that the purchase offer does not include all the shares or participations, which ensures that the seller is linked and his real interest in increasing profits in the coming years.

Requirement of confidentiality

So that a sales process does not diminish the productive capacity of the company, its reputation in the market, and the relationship between the workforce and the management team, we always recommend acting with the greatest possible caution, and maintain the utmost confidentiality with respect to employees, customers and suppliers.

A company could see its image damaged if its sale is openly advertised. In order not to send a harmful message to the market, we always act under the utmost discretion, revealing the identity of the company that is the object of sale only when sincere interest in purchasing is perceived. All those potential buyers who want to receive information from the company in question must sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

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Legal team specialized in Buying and Selling Companies, Mergers, Joint Ventures and other Corporate Operations

What are the phases of a sales process and how long does it last?

The duration depends on many factors. For companies that find a good reception in the market, a delay of between 6 and 12 months is to be expected.

In our article How can I sell my company ? We explain several of the steps we follow in this type of process and which are essentially summarized in the following:

  1. Preliminary study of the company
  2. Prospecting potential buyers
  3. Introduction of the company to interested buyers
  4. Due Diligence
  5. Negotiation of the final price and request of binding offers
  6. Negotiation of legal conditions and closing of the operation

What legal advice will I need?

Legal advice in a business sale process is the most delicate part. The agreed conditions of the operation must be reflected in the contract for the sale of shares or participations. It is essential that possible contingencies are well reflected and the buyer’s commitments are ensured when deferred payments are agreed.

We analyzed in greater detail the legal advisory work that we provide in business purchase and sale processes in our article What services does a law firm offer in a business sale-purchase process?< /a>

From our office we offer a comprehensive service, we are lawyers specialized in the sale of companies.

More information about our department specialized in Buying and Selling Companies

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